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Something Weird - Spook Show Spectacular A-Go-Go (LP - Red Vinyl + DVD)

Spectral stompers and graveyard grooves! Something Weird has exhumed a crypt full of classic Spook Show promos and radio spots monstrously mashed together with fiendish rare surf and garage rock instrumentals. Includes a delightfully deranged DVD featuring Monsters Crash the Pajama Party and more bone-chilling freakouts of fright! Plus a zine style liner note insert!

Something Weird Sound Effect

On With The Show

Young American Mystic Cult of Horrors

Cemetary Stomp - The Essex

Dr. Evil and His Terrors of the Unknown

The Morgus Creep - Daringers

Friday the 13th Jinx Show

The Mad Daddy Shock Theatre & The Great London Ghost Show - Incidental Music

Halloween Convention of Spooks

Count Dracula - The Rockin' Continentals

Asylum of the Insane - Radio Spot

Dr. Satan and His Shrieks In The Night

Hey Weirdos

Haunted House - Oscar & The Majestics

A Real Dead Body Giveaway

Monsters Crash The Pajama Party - Opening

Monsters Crash The Pajama Party - Radio Spot

The Giggler - Pat and the Wildcats

The Crawling Thing Plus the Creature of Evil - Radio Spot

Friday the 13th Midnight Show - Incidental Music

Kara-Kum of Hollywood - Mortuary of 18 Living Nightmares

Tail of the Dead - Radio Spot

The Guillotine - The Executioners

The Teenage Psycho Meets Bloody Mary - Radio Spot

Monsters A Go-Go - Radio Spot

Night Beat - The Night Beats

Dr. Silkini's Giant Triple Scream Show - Garganta Alive In Person!

Fantastic Horror Frolic - Incidental Music

Dr. Macabre's Frightmares of Movie Monsters

Marathon of Fright

Transylvania - The Mysterions

A Man Buried Alive