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Define Music


Itchy Vibes And Drums

Cutting With Class

Interlude 1: Babu Speaks

The Mad Scientist Of The Turntables

Relax Mode

This Is A Remix

Interlude 2: Bruce Lee Speaks

Some Ol' Rough Shit

A Natural High

A Scratch Is A Musical Note

Diamond Jay Will Spin It

Rob Swift Versus Rahzel

A Turntable Experience

Interlude 3: Message

Women And Stress

Women And Stress 2

Let The Drummer Get Some

Interlude 4: Bruce Lee Speaks Again

Who Is It?

Rob Swift - Soulful Fruit (CD)
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Record Label: Fat Beats Records

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If you like Turntablist albums, you're straight obligated to own this. "Soulful Fruit" originally came out in 1997 on Madlib's fledgling label that would go to become a behemoth of a label in Stones Throw. The distribution on this was far from good so the chances you originally picked this up, are pretty slim. Rob Swift set the bar then for turntablists and is still doing so today.