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soundfounder - Cinnamon & Waterloo (Cassette)


Andrew Brown aka soundfounder was born in San Antonio, TX. One half of the collective, Exploded Drawing, and curator of their record store, Exploded Records in Austin, Texas.

He has taken a long trip from where his first LP, “Complete Dream Home” left us. Dirty MPC loops, with tons of analog gear stacked on top of used vinyl, although most of his sampling on “Cinnamon & Waterloo” comes by way of having a direct line to a local Austin studio’s master tapes.

Those vaults containing every kind of genre, instrument, breaks, noises you can think of. He has spent his time the last couple of years, bending and manipulating these studio sounds into what we can only say, is a pure original piece of music. Epic in it’s scope, the music feels very familiar and completely new.

Grace Period

Sex Idiot

Big Hill on Kinney

Golf with Lo Phi

Tacky Blouse Bitch

Lights Out

Hot Texas Adderall Blues


Saying Uncle When Mum’s The Word

Marble Slab (Final Dub)

Untitled jazz thing

Weird Hugger

Jeffy Poo’s Tape Jam


Paul Speak


Jeffy Poo’s Tape Jam (Reprise)