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Sin Nanna

It Took The Night To Believe

Cursed Realms (Of The Winterdemons)

Orthodox Caveman


Cry For The Weeper

Báthory Erzsébet

Sunn O))) - Black One (2xLP)
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Record Label: Southern Lord

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2005's Black One is the sixth and darkest Sunn 0))) album featuring very special guests Oren Ambarchi, Wrest (Leviathan, Lurker of Chalice, Twilight), Malefic (Xasthur, Twilight) and John Weise (Bastard Noise). Tonal magma explosions created under the influence of utter blackest atmospheres, Sunn 0))) endlessly seeks to push boundaries and demolish pre-conceived ideas of their eminence here.

Sinister vocal performances courtesy of Wrest and Malefic literally call from beyond the grave. Unorthodox and experimental recording methods were used to obtain the petrifying eerie tone of the voices on this album. For the epic side 4 piece, "Bathory Erzsebet," Sunn 0))) procured a casket then loaded it into a Cadillac Hearse, and locked Malefic inside with only a microphone and a severe sense of claustrophobia. The result is truly suffocating and disturbing.

The composition of Black One benefits from somewhat extensive live action throughout 2004-2005 bringing more cohesive overall structure to the table. "Cry For The Weeper" and "It Took The Night To Believe" incorporate atonal melodic interplay within their massive skeletons. Mammoth giants crushing valleys of the drowned. Listeners will still experience core Sunn 0))) recording fundamentals like being completely overwhelmed by massive sub-sonic droning guitar riffs.

But with Black One Sunn 0))) takes it 10 steps below the others by intensely obsessing over making the overall ambience of this album as bleak crushing, and devoid of light as only they possibly could.