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Know That I Care

Breakfast Flowers

Purple Kisses








Swarvy with Pink Siifu - Twothousandnine (LP)
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Record Label: New Math Records

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The dynamic duo of Swarvy and Pink Siifu, who independently and now collectively are making some of the biggest waves in hip hop and soul music. On the air in Los Angeles, Touring alongside Mndsgn and collaborating with top artists in the industry.

Swarvy with Pink Siifu, the amazing hip hop soul duo’s debut album. Produced and recorded by Swarvy, all vocals written and performed by Pink Siifu, except Track 10. Closer co-written and performed by Nanna B.

“Between Swarvy’s musicality and Siifu’s fluid stream of consciousness, it’s the perfect recipe that gives you a hint at what would happen if you roofied D’Angelo’s drink with copious amounts of psychedelics” - Mndsgn

“Been bumping this the last year, glad to see it finally on plastic” - HouseShoes