Insect Records

Swwwisha - Xertz (Digital)



Swwwisha aka Carson Archer, was born and raised in Austin, into an already musical family with his dad playing in several Texas punk bands in the 80’s & 90’s.
Carson started playing guitar at age 10 and he’s been producing via an SP-555 Roland sampler for the last 4 years with a stream of consciousness approach to recording.
He’s already released 5 LP’s and 2 EPs independently and with the Growth in Decay. At 20 years old, he has already accomplished releasing a slew of classic, pure original, music.

“Xertz” marks his 8th release and 6th LP. The record is dark and hopeless; it’s revelatory, it’s highented knowledge, it’s excruciating defeat.
More than anything, it’s of our time. This record is a beautiful trip into extremes with a focus on journey.
His music is brutal and beautiful experimental electronic meditation with a third eye into our “Fyutyre”.