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Taylor Graves - Are U Ready b/w Love On A Sailboat (7")

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Known for his smooth sounding vocals, his sensual lyrics, and his mastery of creating Moog and Synth grooves TAYLOR GRAVES has produced music for and with ‪Dr Dre, ‪Mac Miller, Ty Dolla$ign, ‪Flying Lotus, The Game, ‪Kimbra, Jada Pinkett Smith, ‪Marc Anthony, ‪Leon Ware, Dornik, and is a longtime collaborator with ‪Thundercat. His debut single is no exception TAYLOR GRAVES has masterfully crafted two sensuous songs that will open up new lanes in Future R&B. This single taken from his upcoming EP SEXATION, starts with “ARE U READY” that rolls out with hypnotic keys before the bass drum drops and we are magnetized to the voice of TAYLOR GRAVES spilling a level of pillow talk and memorizing keys that’s going to make you want to go all the way! “LOVE ON A SAILBOAT “starts with a very familiar and melodic groove on bass before the kick drum starts up like a heartbeat and Taylor’s voice reaches out to take your heart on a journey and sail away with his smooth voice and seductive lyrics! Love On A Sail Boat “was inspired by Taylor’s romanticism. Also, having worked with the late great ‪Leon Ware I developed a knack for writing love songs. Leon lived near the marina and after our writing sessions we would walk to the harbor and watch the boats float by and smoke a joint. Occasionally we’d see some gorgeous woman jogging the bike path, giving us a sense of gratitude to the higher power. So the idea hit me, what would it be like to make love to a woman I love in one of these sailboats?” TAYLOR GRAVES masterful singing/songwriting with Thundercat on bass will keep you holding on for more! The weather is right and FutureRnB is here!

Are U Ready

Love On A Sailboat