ALC Records

The Alchemist - Retarded Alligator Beats (LP)


Includes a set of colored crayons to color in your cover, while supplies last!

Retarded Alligator Beats is the next installment of Alchemist’s instrumental LP series, featuring unreleased beats that have not appeared on any other record in any other format. Recorded in the summer of 2013 in Alchemist’s own ALC Laboratories in Santa Monica, Retarded Alligator Beats showcases another dimension of Al’s repertoire, with his production taking center stage aside from a memorable Action Bronson appearance. Hand drawn artwork by Vice Art Director Nick Gazin.

Summer Madness

Muscular Infant

Steve McQueen Infant


Voodoo (feat. Action Bronson)

Drug Break

Retarded Alligator

Seven Minutes

Janet Meets Chrissy

Kirk Fucking Douglas


Holy Tabernacle

Forrest Knife Confrontation

Gigantic Clam

A Million Cigarettes

Still ill