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The Budos Band - The Proposition b/w Ghost Walk (7")

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Well, well, well. This is really something. The Budos are really rubbing it in our faces now, aren't they? Okay fellas, we get it. You're the Quinessence Of Staten Island Soul. You're a big ol' hunk of afro-instrumental alright. You're the tops. You're the Colliseum. You're the Louvre museum. But when will it end! This stuff, this music, it's too much really. It' so... Oh I don't know... You. It's so you to do something like this. To go ahead and cut another record that makes me feel like this. Now, of all times. When I just want to go about my business like everyone else. Now I have to stop everyhthing, quit my job, buy two copies of this, and try to start smoking. I really didn't need this. Not now. Not now.

The Proposition

Ghost Walk