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Zim Zim Zim

Zim Zim Zim (Zim Version)

The Bug & Burro Banton - Zim Zim Zim (12" - Etched Red Vinyl)
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Record Label: Ninja Tune

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Because The Bug is indeed badder den dem, it makes perfect sense for him to have hooked up with one of best Jamaican deejays of the digital era, Burro Banton.

Best known for his hits Boom Wah Dis, the aforementioned Badder Den Dem, his work with Massive B, Super Cat, Nicodemus and more, Zim Zim Zim has Burro putting his gruff menacing flow over top a signature dark crawling Bug rhythm. Already a staple of Bug sets it now comes packaged up 7" style with a Zim Version, all in a popping red spot varnish sleeve designed by Simon Fowler. This is the last conflict in the Angels & Devils battle.