Track List

The Coke Dares Theme One

You Say a Lot


Miss Missed Opportunity

We Went to a Restaurant

Droppin' Out

He Was Bigger Than Me

Jammin with J-Mo

(I Like) Stuff

Please Say Fuck

Honey PIe


Came to Shit

Nobody Knows What You Are, Pillbottle

No More Cutting Floor

Drivin' on Sunday

Fake Lake

The Coke Dares Theme Six

(No Use Denyin') I Like to Drive

Don't Pretend You're Alone

I'm Just Lookin' for My Manager

Water Purse

Please Just Stop Not Shutting Up

Tired and Wired

Why Do I Feel This Way About Henrik?

Call Me High School

Bed of Ashes

Pontiac Blues

Don't Deny

I'm Making Music at the Library

Phantasy Book

Smaller Dogs


You Woulda Thought They'd A'Thought of That By Now

The Coke Dares Theme Three

The Coke Dares - Fake Lake (LP - Coke Clear/Blue Swirl Vinyl)
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Record Label: Joyful Noise Recordings

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Pressed on coke bottle clear vinyl, with a blue swirl. 

The Coke Dares are the core trio of Jason Molina's Magnolia Electric Co. and Fake Lake is the band's 35-song, 44-minute magnum opus. Equal parts Sparks and Minutemen, Fake Lake is densely packed with smart near-prog arrangements and quirky new wave humor performed at breakneck hardcore punk speed.