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Gamma Ray Funk

Fish Sammich

The Du-Rites (J-Zone & Pablo Martin) - Gamma Ray Funk b/w Fish Sammich (7")
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Record Label: Old Maid Entertainment

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It took a few years for multi-instrumentalists J-Zone (Jay Mumford) and Pablo Martin to bring The Du-Rites to fruition. With the former in the twilight of his producer/MC run and the latter touring as guitarist with the legendary Tom Tom Club, The Du-Rites was a vanity project at best when it began in 2014. But in 2016, the New York City duo committed fully to the cause and released a pair of instrumental funk LPs - 2016’s self-titled debut and 2017’s Greasy Listening - in an 11 month period. From the look of things, album #3 in just as many years is on the way, with the first single, “Gamma Ray Funk” b/w “Fish Sammich” setting the tone with Jay’s syncopated drumming and screeching organs and Pablo’s greasy guitars and in-pocket basslines. This go round, The Du-Rites also throw a curve ball and outsource the talents of keyboardist Rafferty Swink for a cameo solo on the A-Side and do a thematic update to Kool and the Gang’s 1969 classic, “Raw Hamburgers,” on the b-side.

The Du-Rites have also been busy outside of their own releases. In 2017, they remixed Wax Tailor & Ghostface Killah’s “Worldwide” and in 2018, you’ll hear The Du-Rites all over the film score to Bobbito Garcia’s upcoming documentary, Rock, Rubber, 45s. Bobbito also entrusted Jay and Pablo to compose and serve as the rhythm section for the movie’s theme song, which features a pair of ultra-legendary jazz pianists, two highly respected DJs and an all-star cast of great musicians. Find out just who this summer! Till then, here’s a double sided funk attack.

“Fish Sammich” is a b-side only release and will not appear on the forthcoming LP. Sop it up while you can.