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The Felice Brothers - Undress (LP - Red/Black Vinyl)

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Undress is the new album from The Felice Brothers. Many of the songs on the album are motivated by a shift from private to public concerns, says songwriter Ian Felice. "It isn't hard to find worthwhile things to write about these days, there are a lot of storms blooming on the horizon and a lot of chaos that permeates our lives." Cut live to tape with very little overdubbing, the record was recorded in the late summer of 2018 in upstate New York. As Ian explains, "There is a collision of disparate elements at the center of the songs that is meant to reflect the disordered conditions of our time."


Holy Weight Champ

Special Announcement

Nail It On The First Try

Salvation Army Girl

Poor Blind Birds

TV Mama

The Kid

Hometown Hero

Jack Reminiscing

Days of the Years