The Field - From Here We Go Sublime (2xLP - 180 Gram Vinyl + CD)


2007 debut album from Sweden's Axel Willner AKA The Field. From Here We Go Sublime features 10 songs that fuse the Shoegazing sound of bands like My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and Ride with modern Ambient, Techno and Electronic elements. Features 'Over The Ice', 'Silent' and the single 'Good Things End'.

Electronic music usually profits from simplicity, a point the Field’s Axel Willner understood well when he made From Here We Go Sublime. Hailing from Sweden, Willner’s record has a weightless allure built out of droning spaces and populated with puffy cloud melodies that float and hover. It’s not exactly minimalist, because the layers are too complex and full of forward motion. But the assured way they repeat and loop into a dance-friendly texture would make both Brian Eno and Underworld proud.

FHWGS has no interest in the usual peaks and valleys of trance, and yet its consistent anthemic oomph makes it a distant relative of that oft-derided genre. Willner’s patience and his emphasis on muted beats enable him to get maximum impact with only slight tweaks. "Over the Ice" sets the table with soft tones and scattered, wordless voices before dropping a hyper cross-rhythm, while glitch-y sidebars frame the exceedingly kind melody that drives "A Paw in My Voice." Even when the BPM notch gets kicked up on a relative burner like "Everyday," it fits right in with the record’s benevolent disposition. It’s brilliant stuff, a less-is-more epic that wafts onto the dance floor like a gust of summer wind.

Over The Ice

A Paw In My Face

Good Things End

The Little Heart Beats So Fast


Silent 7

The Deal

Sun & Ice


From Here We Go Sublime