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The Frogs - It's Only Right & Natural: 30th Anniversary Reissue (LP - Gatefold)

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Limited to 1000 copies.

End Of All Music pleased to announce the release of the 30th Anniversary vinyl reissue of The Frogs cult classic, It’s Only Right and Natural. The record was originally released in 1989 on Homestead Records. The vinyl reissue features remixed and remastered audio (the original album was accidentally pressed in mono when released in 1989) and comes housed in a gatefold sleeve with newly added artwork (same classic cover!) plus track-by-track liner notes and intro by Jimmy Flemion.

The album was one of Kurt Cobain’s favorites. It was #14 on Kurt’s infamous list of Top 50 albums.

“The insane secret of the record is it’s perfect”-AllMusic

“I would walk into Kim’s Video on Bleecker Street or Other Music and ask for things, and they would go, “Oh, have you heard of the Frogs?” The Frogs’ album It’s Only Right and Natural totally blew me away. It was this weird gay concept record, but they weren’t gay. They were these brothers from Milwaukee who used to dress up in fairy costumes. One of the brothers would play a huge kettle drum and almost do these quasi-surrealist minstrels. The music was so good because it wasn’t really just conceptual, it was pop; once you got over the crudeness of the lyrics, the songs themselves were beautiful pop music.” – Harmony Korine

I've Got Drugs (Out of the Mist)

I Don't Care If U Disrespect Me (Just so You Love Me)

Hot Cock Annie

These Are the Finest Queen Boys (I've Ever Seen)

Rosy Jack World

Someone's Pinning Me to the Ground

Baby Greaser George

(Thank God I Died in) The Car Crash

Gather 'round for Savior #2

Richard Dick Richards

Men (Come On Men)

Dykes Are We

Been a Month Since I Had a Man