The Garden - Mirror Might Steal Your Charm (LP)

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THE GARDEN is an ever-evolving duo from Orange County, California. Established in 2011 by twin brothers Fletcher and Wyatt Shears, they also created the term, “Vada Vada” to represent their music and other endeavors. Touring globally since 2012, they have become known for their energetic, aggressive and off the wall performances.

Typically seen live playing drums and electronics, Fletcher can also be seen front and center on vocals, belligerently performing alongside his brother, Wyatt. Wyatt consistently takes position of lead vocals and bass in the duo whilst performing and can be seen simultaneously moving in un-choreographed bizarre patterns.


Make a Wish

Shameless Shadow

Who Am I Going To Share All Of This Wine With?


A Message For Myself

Call The Dogs Out

Good News

Voodoo Luck

Banana Peel

Stylish Spit

No Destination