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Had Full Of Shadows

Better Hide, Better Run (feat. Mark Johns)

The Clouds Breathe For You

The Glitch Mob - Piece Of The Indestructible (10" EP - Gold/Black Splatter Vinyl)
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Record Label: Shoot To Kill

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Music can be both armor and ammunition. It can help surmount obstacles, heal wounds, or offer invincibility. On rare occasions, records can encompass all these distinct ideas. That s where the producers in LA s Glitch Mob exist in that timeless space where infectious anthems elicit maximum emotion.

Piece of the Indestructible represents a continuation of the story from their sophomore album, last year s Love, Death, and Immortality. Piece of the Indestructible, offers the requisite concussive bass, foundation-rattling drums, and soul-liquefying synths while revealing the versatility of edIT (Edward Ma), Boreta (Justin Boreta) and Ooah (Josh Mayer). The entirety of the new EP was written at the group's respective home studios. The process was spontaneous and raw. The product is pure energy.

This deluxe edition vinyl EP includes a gold & black splatter one-sided 10" vinyl with etching, gold foil printed sleeve housed in a special PVC jacket, and a digital download of the EP.