Track List

The House That Dirt Built

Oh No ! Not You Again!!

How You Like Me Now?


Short Change Hero

No Time

Long Way From Home

Cause For Alarm

Love Like That

What You Want Me To Do?


The Heavy - The House That Dirt Built (LP)
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Record Label: Counter Records

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The Heavy have toured the world and, where the first record was sample-based, the new one is much more a product of working as a band. Like the early rock 'n' roll, blues and rhythm and blues which have influenced it, The House That Dirt Built is larger than life, funny, terrifying and occasionally beautiful.

“Oh No! Not You Again” starts things off, hitting like the garage-punk monster it is, Shingae Shoniwa of The Noisettes offering up the backing vox on a tune which sounds like Little Richard possessed by the devil and turned up to 11. Main single, “How You Like Me Now” is pure voodoo-funk. “Sixteen” channels the ghost of Screamin’ Jay into a tawdry tale of Satan and his young bride. “Short Change Hero” is an epic Spaghetti Western love song calling on the youth to drop their tools. “No Time” combines a filthy break with thundering riffing about losing the love that was supposed to be forever. “Long Way From Home” is punk-blues of genuine yearning. “Cause For Alarm” is a reggae/2 Tone stepper, all crunched up and beaten-up for size. “Love Like That” is King Jammy's updated Final tune. "What You Want Me To Do” combines the intensity of Hendrix with an obia ceremony. “Stuck,” shows that for all the wide-eyed madness, The Heavy can also come out with the most affecting love songs which effortlessly combine their many influences into something both completely new and timeless.

Mixed and produced by Jim Abiss (best known for his work on the first