The Death Of Rave

The Sprawl (Logos, Mumdance, Shapednoise) - EP 1 (12")

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The Sprawl (Logos, Mumdance, Shapednoise) present their studio debut, the first release in a series on The Death of Rave. As their moniker suggests, The Sprawl is heavily influenced by novelist William Gibson's prescient sci-fi trilogy of the same name. "Drowning in Binary" plunges into recursive techno-chambers vacillating between white-hot distortion and arcing, weightless pads, before gliding across a tumultuous topography of chrome-burning flares and violent, body-quaking detonations in the morphing scape of "From Wetware to Software." With "Haptic Feedback" they grasp the quicksilver rush of classic Prototype and Reinforced before stranding the listener in the post-human headspace of "Personality Upload."

Drowning in Binary

From Wetware to Software

Haptic Feedback

Personality Upload