Track List

Water Me (feat. Leon Ware)

Neu Law

Take And Look

Can't Stop (feat. Kanye West)

Get Me Right


Do Girls

Tribe (feat. Jesse Boykins III)

Smoke (Interlude) [feat. Soko]

Smoke Dancehall

Need Somebody (feat. Leon Ware)

Figure It Out (feat. Devonte Hynes/Blood Orange & The Force MD's)

Theophilus London - Vibes (LP)
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Record Label: Warner Brothers

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When Theophilus London began working on his second album for Warner Bros., he wanted his artistic scope to be limitless. “In my process of creating, I didn’t want to say, ‘OK. This is what the album title’s going to be’ and start creating around that,” London reveals. “I more so want to be free and creative at all times. In the whole two-year process, I was tweaking the album up until the last hours of handing it in. I feel like the album got called Vibes because everything that happened creatively and spiritually just all vibed together – all my decision-making while making the album. Everyone who worked on it with me did it on a family level. We all vibed together. You couldn’t even plan it. It was all vibes.”

The vibe was indeed flowing when London played friend Kanye West his “Neu Law” song. London had relocated from New York to Europe and then to Palm Springs, California. While working in the Southern California desert, London had created a new sound, a new way of expressing himself vocally and sonically. When West heard the cut, he was floored. The way London said he was seeking truth appealed to him. West signed on to executive produce Vibes.

West then broke his own self-imposed rule of not doing any guest appearances and delivers a raucous performance on “Can’t Stop.” “Our verses are so different on that song,” London says. “That’s one of the first songs I wrote when I went to Paris. I played that for him and Kim when it was just the three of us in his house and that one really stuck with him. He played it over and over, asked his wife if she loved it. He started writing a verse and it took him two months to write that verse. That’s such dedication. Some people write their stuff overnight, like ‘I need it right now’ and just write some things overnight that sound like them. He actually pushed himself to write that.”