Hardtimes Records

Therman Munsin / Roc Marciano - Sabbath (CD)


Whole album produced by Roc Marciano, album features AG Da Coroner, Ransom, Big Twins (of Infamous Mobb) & Guilty Simpson. Also includes two bonus instrumentals off the album.

Hardtimes Records Presents: Therman Munsin "Sabbath". The only album produced entirely by Roc Marciano outside of his own catalog, Roc Marci also appears on a song called "Frivolous Wardrobe".

Therman also got deadly 16's by Ransom, Guilty Simpson, AG Da Coroner, Johnny 3 Rounds & Big Twins (of Infamous Mobb). The whole album was mixed & mastered by the legendary DJ / Producer PF Cuttin. This is some raw Hip Hop at it's finest.

The Artillery Has Arrived (Intro)


Come Correct feat. AG Da Coroner & Johnny 3 Round

Frivolous Wardrobe feat Roc Marciano

Bread Winner feat. Ransom

January Jonez aka Sacred

I Ain't Wit The Evil Empire feat. Big Twins

Pray Harder (Skit)

Plastic Surgery Face feat. Guilty Simpson

Don't Play The Youth

Gold Plated Guns

Bonus: Carberator

Bonus: Exquisite

Bonus: Carberator (Instrumental)