Redefinition Records / Piecelock70

Thes One - Where The Piecelock Ends (LP)


Where The Piecelock Ends is a collection of beats recorded straight from the stereo output of Thes One's Akai MPC3000 in December 2014. It was first presented as a free gift to lovers of sample based production via the artist's soundcloud (google it and you'll find that it's still available for free download!). Now available on Vinyl for the first time via Thes One's Piecelock70 & Redefinition Recs.

Hard Times

Be Strong



The Music Is News

Everybody Must Get Stoned Once

High Tide

Numbers Station Theme Song

Dark Days

Raindrops At Midnight

For Seasons

Dead In The Water

Hear And Now

Drummond For Love

The Dusty Trail Home