Third Root Music

Third Root - Libertad (2xLP)


Third Root is a Central Texas hip-hop collaborative that focuses on Black and Brown overlapping culture and identity. The group consists of Charles Peters (Easy Lee), Marco Cervantes (Mexican StepGrandfather), and DJ Chicken George (DJCG). Peters is an accomplished poet/author/MC & high school teacher. Cervantes is a producer/MC/Ph.D. who teaches at the University of Texas at San Antonio & DJCG is a world-renowned DJ, musicologist, designer & Jazztronica! Peddler.

Their latest and well received album, Libertad , produced entirely by Texas music icon and Grammy Award winner Adrian “AQ” Quesada (Grupo Fantasma, Brownout, Echocentrics, Spanish Gold), reflects today’s current mobilization among Black and Brown communities in the face of debilitating cycles of police brutality, flawed education systems, privately owned prisons and detainment centers, corporately owned politicians, and racist judicial systems.  

Through Easy Lee and MexStep’s back and forth Black Chicano intellectual flow, DJCG’s insight and dynamic turntablism, and AQ’s AfroLatino psychedelic funk-infused beats, the album delivers a mix of social justice and jam session with each song designed to raise questions, incite discussion, and promote healing, growth, and liberation. Libertad is a powerful body of work that documents and speaks u pon the times that we are living in. 

Third Root Radio

Reflection of the Times (feat Reggie Coby)

Justice or Else

Bullets for the Truth (feat Amalia Ortiz & Queen Yonasda)

The Messengers (feat World Trade)

Yanga’s Theme

Flags and Body Bags (feat Sofy Encanto of Elastic Bond)

A Day in the Life / Poet (feat Fiend & Marcelandrie)

The Revolution Won’t Go Viral (feat Bavu Blakes)

Soul Force (feat Da’Shade, Riders Against the Storm, Bavu Blakes & Vocab)

Libertad (feat Mellow Man Ace)

Soul Force (Cookin’ Soul Remix) feat Da’Shade, Riders Against the Storm, Bavu Blakes & Vocab (Bonus Track)