Throbbing Gristle - The Second Annual Report: Deluxe Edition (2xCD)

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Mute are delighted to announce a special 2 CD reissue of The Second Annual Report, the landmark 1977 debut from industrial music pioneers Throbbing Gristle.

The Second Annual Report is considered to be influential within electronic music, being one of the first industrial music albums. Recorded in their rehearsal space and at various grubby gigs onto a Sony cassette recorder in a defiantly lo-fi manner in 1977, the music alternately chugged along like a squelchy, crude cop of the Velvet Underground, or stretched out into malingering new age, like a syphilitic Tangerine Dream.

The music is relentless, grinding distortion, only occasionally leavened by vocal samples and percussion. Michael Bonner of Uncut described the music as “a dystopian churn of smoke and asbestos dust” and “queerly hypnotic”. The Vinyl Factory’s Anton Spice acknowledged the role of the album with its provocative subject matter in establishing Throbbing Gristle’s reputation as a transgressive figure in underground electronic music. The album that established Throbbing Gristle’s reputation as perverse noiseniks with an unseemly interest in the seedy side of life, The Second Annual Report is still a difficult listen today, but it set the tone for the entire Throbbing Gristle mission: the endless binding of clean and unclean.

Industrial Introduction

Slug Bait - ICA

Slug Bait - Live At Southampton

Slug Bait - Live At Brighton

Maggot Death - Live At Rat Club

Maggot Death - Studio

Maggot Death - Southampton

Maggot Death - Brighton

After Cease To Exist

No Two Ways (Hat Fair Winchester 1976)

Last Exit (Brighton Poly 1977)

Forced Entry (Nuffield 1977)

Tesco Disco (Rat Club, London 1977)

Feeling Critical (Art College, Winchester 1977)

National Affront (Nuffield 1977)

Urge To Kill (Rat Club, London 1977)

Zyklon B Zombie (7" B-Side)

United (7" A-Side)