Rad Cult

TOBACCO - Ripe & Majestic (2xLP - Silver Vinyl)

Collected instrumental rarities and unreleased beats from 2007-2017 by the Black Moth Super Rainbow guy. Features Beck. 2xLP is on silver vinyl and limited to 2500 copies.

Spirits of Perversion

Wig Blows Off

Slaughtered by the Amway Guy

Higher Kind of Thing

Piss Vader

Awesome Shitty Body


Grape Aerosmith (Original Mix feat. Beck)

Lawn Care Service

Out the Dunes

Got Wet in the Bomb Shelter

Old Man Kid

Ming Julio


Feels Like Nothing

Sassy Ministries

Prowler Champ

Eye Punch

Pube Zone


Hick School

Usual Stallion


Moss Mouth