Track List


Everything You Can Think

Flowers Grave

No One Knows I'm Gone


Poor Edward

Table Top Joe

Lost In The Harbor

We're All Mad Here

Watch Her Disappear


I'm Still Here

Fish & Bird



Tom Waits - Alice (2xLP)
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Record Label: Anti-/Epitaph

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2002's Alice is a haunted, moody chamber piece devoted to the obsessive, forbidden love of Charles Dodgson for Alice Liddell, for whom Alice in Wonderland was created. Piano, pump organ, cello, theremin and stroh violin are the main instruments employed for these melancholy and comic musings on death, longing, and the random meanness of life. Tom Waits adapts the classic blues jazz balladry of his early career in the eponymous song, "Alice" and the seasick pump organ and strings ode to the wall that separated East from West Germany, "Lost in the Harbor."