Tom Waits - Blood Money (LP)

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2002's Blood Money is based on the true story of Woyzeck, a conscripted German soldier, who murders the mother of his child after being driven mad by army drug experiments. This is a darkly rhythmic record, illuminating life's bleak carnival with songs like "Misery is The River of the World" and "God's Away on Business" and includes the melancholic beauty of "All the World is Green" and "The Part You Throw Away." Marimba, bass clarinet, trumpet, viola, cello, calliope and log drums form the core group of instruments.

Misery Is The River of the World

Everything Goes to Hell

Coney Island Baby

All The World Is Green

God's Away On Business

Another Man's Vine

Knife Chase


Starving In The Belly Of A Whale

The Part You Throw Away



A Good Man Is Hard To Find