Track List


Adrenaline Rush (feat. Yungbuck)

Death Before Dishonor

It Feels So Good


Mobster's Anthem

Get Her In Tha Mood


Unsolved Mystery

Korrupt World

Get It Wet (feat. Ms. Kane)

No Remorse (feat. Liffy Stokes, Link, Malif, Mayze and Turtle)

Emotions (Johnny P Remix)

Twista - Adrenaline Rush (2xLP - Reissue)
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Record Label: Atlantic Catalog Group

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Twista's third album, featuring Johnny P, Liffy Stokes, Miss Kane, Malif, Mayz and Turtle Banks and the singles "Get It Wet" and "Emotions", is available on vinyl here for the first time since its 1997 release.