Drag City

Ty Segall - Freedom's Goblin (Cassette)


Ty Segall goes all the way, flipping the Freedom coin to find passion, laughter and savagery on both sides. A head-spinning compendium of stompers, weepers, ballads, screamers, bangers and funker-uppers, all marking a different impasse, like a flag whirling into a knot, exploding and burning on contact, in the name of life and loathing and the pursuit of what you love.

Fanny Dog


Every 1's A Winner

Despoiler Of Cadaver

When Mommy Kills You

My Lady's On Fire



Cry Cry Cry

Shoot You Up

You Say All The Nice Things

The Last Waltz



Talkin 3

The Main Pretender

I'm Free

5 Ft. Tall

And, Goodnight