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Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Vol. 1 (LP - 180 Gram Purple Vinyl)

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Limited edition of 2000 copies, pressed on purple, 180-gram vinyl. Includes lyric booklet.

The UK's greatest cult band released their breakthrough album Blood Lust in 2011, a homage to British Hammer and folk horror films of the 1970s, a candle-lit head-trip of withered hands, ritual knives and gallows ropes. Mind Control (2013), their third album, looked further afield, to the post-Charles Manson US for inspiration: Jim Jones dosing the Kool-Aid. Blue Cheer, Blue Oyster Cult and B-grade biker movies. War, Watergate, serial killers and suicidal TV evangelists.

Crystal Spiders

Witches Garden

Dead Eyes of London

Lonely and Strange

Vampire Circus

Do What Your Love Tells You

I Don't Know

Wind Up Toys