Insect Records

Usedtobe - Usedtobe (Digital)


RELEASE DATE 08/20/2021

Chris McDowell — aka Solar Shield (Austin Boogie Crew) aka Very Rich (Growth In Decay) — is now also known as Usedtobe.

A former art school student in Georgia, who’d spend long nights sorting through old floppy discs of samples with his old 8-bit Mirage and digging deep on the internet for old drum sounds, the 32-year-old has been making music for half of his life.

His debut long-player as Usedtobe pulls from all of these experiences, offering listeners boom-bap beats, modern funk sketches, and soul flips, with 36 songs tracks clocking in at 50 minutes.

McDowell also owns a synthesizer company called, an Austin-based musical instrument design and manufacturing firm.