Track List

DJ Desue - Raw SP

Bazzazian - Put It Down

Reaf - Passionfruit

Brenk Sinatra - 3SP

Farhot - TYVM

David Crates - Legend

Bluestaeb - Untitled 0417

The Krauts - Piano Sniff

Broke Boys - Humble

Morlockko Plus - Harakirigirl

M3 - Qali

Dexter - Chopped Off Top

Jambeats - Deaf Jam

Plusma - Fogotem

Samy Deluxe - Sudanese Honey

Ghanaian Stallion - Aminata

Jimmy Torrio - Raggazi

Asadjohn - Peace Pill

Suff Daddy - Hey Sam

Kitschkrieg - Tatted UP

V/A - 20Gs (2xLP)
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Record Label: Kabul Fire

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Make beats not borders! Germany’s producer elite comes correct on this new instrumentals-only release from Kabul Fire Records. Label honcho Farhot has assembled an all-star cast of heat providers to not only celebrate beat culture but also take a powerful stand against global exploitation and national isolationism. Expect exclusive contributions from literally everybody who’s somebody on the German hip-hop circuit, many of them proudly repping their migrant backgrounds – Bazzazian, The Krauts, Dexter, KitschKrieg, Brenk Sinatra, Ghanaian Stallion, Suff Daddy, Samy Deluxe, DJ Desue, and many more. All proceeds go to Visions for Children’s current school project in Afghanistan.