Track List

tropes - Jul17_c

axion117 - Spirit-you-(re)al

Dutchy - My Hatin' Jawn

O.S.L - No_soul

Sokro - Whip$

zoomo - Eat (14 Days)

bobbitopickles - Tookus

Knablinz - Mugs (Coffee)


sleepy eyes - _allofyour

YUNG AKO - Make It

OZARK - Wing_walker

submerse - Me&You

sumthin gunny - Duel

l o k a ! - Can't Stay Away

Ru AREYOU x Dibiase - Certain Emotions

RND1 - Microwave B4 Bed

weirddough - Somanyways

BSTFRND - Sprites

aqui dela - Breeze.

ΔKTR - Heeesable

JOTA ESE - Pch Bounce

vxlam - Friday Smoke

V/A - Earwax Shelf Life (LP)
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Record Label: Fuzzoscope

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Abridged 12" black vinyl LP with a screen printed jacket in metallic silver ink. Edition of 400.

Play this record as frequently as possible. Then, as it becomes easier for you, play the record once a day, or as needed.