Track List

Liquid Pegasus - On The Ave

L33 - I Care 4You

Ivan Makvel - Funkelicious

Paul Withey - Zodiac

Kali Boog - Dreams Of You

NightMoves - Not Tonight

V/A - Funk'n'Shine (LP - Import)
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Record Label: Born To Shine

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We love and live for the funk. That is what has brought us together and connected us world wide. The wide range of today’s funk scene did not allow to classify this compilation to a specific funk style. The big diversity of the artists is incredible... 6 artists from different backgrounds & nations deliver 6 different beautiful sounds. The spectrum ranges from heavy house influenced bangers made by Paul Withey and Nightmoves from the UK to mellow Hip-Hop / funk driven beats by Kali Boog from Israel. While L33 and Liquid Pegasus stand for the classic modern funk sounds Ivan Makvel brings in a touch of Italy. The B-Boys & B-Girls will love him.

Please meet our first Born to Shine compilation. We Funk’n’Shine world wide...

“Much love to all artists that have made this compilation possible! We greatly appreciate your contribution. A big thank you to our fans & supporters & djs for funking with us! This is a label of love!!”