Track List

Waxie - Jazz Hands

Es-K - inherit

Ill Green - Smog

Manu Beats - Afrodita

Keor Meteor - Uncalculated Risk

Central Parks - 45 Automatic

Sev Seveer - Dream Whisper Succubi

Dt - Those Song Birds

Ill Clinton - Substance

Asethic - The Wonder Years

Ray West - Pianos & Horns

jCrizzy - Sumo

SkySplitterInk - Wanderers

Sixfingerz - For Good Or For Bad

Beat Gates - Kidz Play

Maw- - Hachio Vs. Lily

The Deli - Ill Vibes

Howie Wonder - Don Tomas

EvillDewer - Drum Machines Do Have Soul!

Loupo - COREtex

Central Parks - Shoot With Tha Left

LoopMaffia - Calvaria

The Deli - Summer Breeze

B 3 N B i - Goodbye to Old Ways

Pete Range - Love Story

HiFadility - Contra

Keor Meteor - Alibi

Ray West & Es-K - You 3000

Maw- - One For Brother Scruff

DJ Hellfire - The Dugout

Loupo - You Tired Yet?

Upright - Mr. Blueberries Feat. Petri Lahtinen

jCrizzy - I Like to Be

Es-K - aLLinthegamethoRIGHT

Howiewonder - Child of the Night

Mononome - Glad To See You

Dr. Quandary - Pioneers

Sixfingerz - That Classical Guy

Jenova 7 - Theme For A Goodbye

Harris Cole - Rain

V/A - IWYMI Volume One & Two (2xCD)
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Record Label: Cold Busted

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IWYMI is a monthly instrumental hip-hop compilation designed to showcase various beat makers and producers from all over the world. “It’s What You Make It” is not only relative to making any form of art, it’s also a metaphor for life and how we all approach things differently.

Tracks on each volume are selected based on style and sound in order to form cohesive releases that flow front to back. With that said, the overall sound and themes presented will vary throughout the series.

Compiled by Es-K