Track List

Smokey Robinson - Do I Like Do

AWB & Ben E King - A Star In The Ghetto

The Boogie Back

Express Yourself

Little Ghetto Boy

I Get Lifted

Easin' In

Untitled Instrumental

Intimate Friends

Living Together Is Keeping Us Apart

Players Balling

I'm Gonna Love You A Little Bit More

V/A - Samples Outta L.A. (LP - Red Vinyl - Import)
Free Gift

Record Label: Modulor

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Born and ‘raised’ in the ghettos of Los Angeles, gangsta rap emerged in the late 80s with the first albums from Ice T, NWA and Eazy E. If the lyrics were the reflection of afro-american economic and social life style (drugs, unemployment, police violence...), gangster life was also largely described. The original tracks sampled & selected by the producers were essentially ‘70s Soul music.