Black Screen Records

V/A - Slime-san: Official Soundtrack (2xLP - 180 Gram Green Vinyl)


Fabraz’s new indie hit Slime-san comes with an incredible, all-star soundtrack - digitally and on vinyl! Headup Games, Fabraz and Black Screen Records are happy to announce their cooperation for the worldwide publishing and distribution of the soundtrack to their upcoming action-platformer Slime-san. The soundtrack will be available as a physical release on audiophile 180g double vinyl and can also be downloaded or streamed through all platforms. “The music complements the game’s pixel art aesthetic but each track was also designed with a certain gameplay aspect in mind. We wanted to create a soundtrack that is worth the price of admission alone, and I think we’ve accomplished that”, says Fabian Rastorfer from Fabraz.

Mighty Mama (Ear)Worm - Richard Gould

Mixtapeworm - Adhesive Wombat

Slumptown Shuffle - Mischa Perella

Slimy Success - FantomenK

Wormhole - Adhesive Wombat

Hit the Slime Note - Meganeko

Instrumental Intestine - Kommisar

Organ Donor - Mischa Perella

Akiha-Worma - Meganeko

Brain Beats - Tiasu

Old Worm and the Sea - Lumena-tan

Acid Trip - Mischa Perella

Heart Trebbles - Kubbi

Woodwinds - Adhesive Wombat

Birdie Breakdown - Carl Clark

Uvula’s Groovula - Inverse Phase

Red Shadow’s Revenge - Saad Akter Ali

Slime Crisis - Meganeko

Tequila and (S)lime - Michael Miller