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V/A - Son Of Yvonne Remix Instrumentals (2xLP)


Fitting the Masta Ace remix album, we deliver you these exquisite instrumentals as well!

Dig in deep the German scene of Ace fans and enjoy this Ol’time flavored sound.

Instrumentals by: Wun Two, I.L.L. Will, Dead Rabbit, Philanthrope, Melodiesinfonie,Mr.Mar, Retrogott, Dramadigs, Django, Knowsum, Figub Brazlevic, Scarf Face, Dude26, Flitz & Suppe and more!

Intro S Ski’s - Wun Two

Nineteen Seventy Something - Snares

Son Of Yvonne - Flip

Da Pro - Django

Me & My Gang - Glammerlicious

Crush Hour - I.L.L. Will

Think I Am - Dead Rabbit

Fresh Fest - Knowsum

Slow Down - Q-Fingaz

Home Sweet Home - Flitz&Suppe

I Did It - Robot Orchestra

In Da Spot - Scarf Face

Sesame Street - Figub Brazlevic

Son Of Yvonne - DerRalle

Son Of Yvonne - Dude26

Da Pro - Mr. Mar

Da Pro - Philanthrope

Me & My Gang - Textor + Quasi Modo

Me & My Gang - Whizz Vienna

Think I Am - Melodiesinfonie

Fresh Fest - Haitian Star

Fresh Fest - Kamikazes

Fresh Fest - Mono:Massive

Home Sweet Home - Iman Magnetic

I Did It - Flomega & Dramadigs

I Did It - Retrogott

I Did It - Smog

Sesame Street - Sashliq