Track List

We Are The Crystal Gems

Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart

Cookie Cat

Giant Woman

Strong In The Real Way

Steven and the Stevens

Big Fat Zucchini

Stevens And The Crystal Gems

Dear Old Dad

Be Wherever You Are

On The Run



Lapis Lazuli

Wailing Stone

Stronger Than You

Full Disclosure

We Are The Crystal Gems (Full Theme)

Jam Song

Do It For Her

What Can I Do For You

Tower Of Mistakes

Haven't You Noticed I'm A Star

Something Entirely New

Peace And Love On The Planet Earth

Don't Cost Nothing

Empire City

Mr. Greg

It's Over Isn't It

Both Of You

Don't Cost Nothing (Reprise)

I Think I Need A Little Change

Here Comes A Thought

Still Not Giving Up

I Could Never Be (Ready)

What's The Use Of Feeling (Blue)?

Love Like You (End Credits)

V/A - Steven Universe: Complete Vol. 1: Soundtrack (4x10" - Translucent Vinyl)
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Record Label: Iam8bit

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Includes four different 10" LPs pressed on translucent colored vinyl, 36 songs total, with album art by Chromosphere.

Steven Universe is a one-of-a-kind animated opus, fusing musical celebration with storytelling in a way that inspires nothing short of spectacular smiling. Its songs are lively, jubilant and often emotional works of aural art, spreading a sensation of total glee to all ears within listening distance. This set of 4 × 10'' vinyl represents our favorite Crystal Gems (Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl and Steven) via colorful translucent discs and center labels, all housed in gatefold jacket adorned with a shimmery warp & ornate embossments. Designed in close collaboration with series creator, Rebecca Sugar, and illustration auteurs Chromosphere, this is a vinyl package made with true love.