Track List

Asad Ill - The Mission

Hugh Augustine - Shot Callers

The Holy Kush - Shooter

Sahtyre - Dhalsim

Noa James - No Games

Asad Ill - Still (feat. Eureka The Butcher)

Hugh Augustine - Dress To Kill

Sahtyre - Fearless (feat. Asad Ill)

Asad Ill - Good Marijuana (feat. Noa James)

The Holy Kush - Combat

Noa James - 7 Rings

Asad Ill & The Holy Kush - On Me

Asad Ill & Osbe Chill - Maintain

V/A - The Order Label Presents: Live From The Zoo (CD)
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Record Label: The Order Label

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Thirteen rap tracks recorded, mixed, and mastered in at the fabled Cosmic Zoo Studio in Los Angeles, CA. “Live From The Zoo” features an ensemble cast from Alpha Pup’s rap-centric Order Label imprint, and production exclusively from Low End Theory founder DJ Nobody. New school Innercity Griots for iPhones.