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Check This Out

Money Hand


Freak Zabar




There We Go

G Rhodes

Front...In Ur Face

No Bias


Peer Group



Leaper Bring a Towel

Huh Word Yeah

Guess Who


Ron Ski

Rewiring Self

The Feeling

That Night

Ghetto Wish

V/A - The Unseen: A Detroit Beat Tape (CD + DVD)
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Record Label: LOVETURL

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The documentary and soundtrack to The Unseen featuring exclusive interviews, audio and footage from Amp Fiddler, Illingsworth, House Shoes, Waajeed, Nick Speed, Big Tone, Jay Dee aka J Dilla, Dakim, Slautah, Konphlict, Dirtee Curt, Blake Eerie, Ahk, and Hugh Whitaker

The Unseen explores the soul and roots of Detroit Hip-Hop Production, mirroring the sketchpad style format of a beat tape. Loosely acting as a prequel to the L.A. based “All Ears” documentary, The Unseen provides rare insights into a scene that has remained distant from the public eye while giving birth to some of the culture’s richest and most influential sounds. The film glimpses the hidden and elusive characteristics inherent in a city often depicted in a one dimensional light.