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Cold Bark Bite



Far Away From The Light

Vampillia + The Body - xoroAHbin (LP + Download Code)
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Record Label: Gilead Media/Thrill Jockey

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Release Date: 6/16/2017
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Vampillia and The Body are two creative forces that are no strangers to the worlds of experimental and abrasive music. Although both have touched upon various types of metal styles in their previous works, also has each entity shown an obvious penchant for compositions that lean heavily into the worlds of electronics and experimental music. On this LP, xoroAHbin, we sit between each of those realms, experiencing them in equal parts.

Neither group is new to the collaboration game. Vampillia counting Lustmord, Jarboe, Nadja, and -Ziq amongst their past collaborators, while The Body has a discography just as long and varied, with the likes of Thou, Haxan Cloak, Full of Hell, Braveyoung, Krieg, and more. And as perfectly as these artists mesh with others it makes sense that their joining together yields such a powerful result.

Each track on xoroAHbin serves a narrative throughout the 30-minute album. Distorted electronic rhythms surge and create atmosphere as heavily-effected vocals and guitar wail from the depths. Then give way to mellow passages of strings and ambient tones, before surging again with abrasive textures for which both Vampillia and The Body are well-known.