Cold Busted

V/A - In Dub 4 (CD)

Ships In 3-5 days

Cold Busted releases a massive Dub and Reggae compilation ‘In Dub 4’ featuring 17 tracks from 13 different artists with styles ranging from Electronic to Roots. Eclectic Reggae and Dub of a new generation, ‘In Dub’ series brings all musical styles and influences from many different creative minds and tastes it’s a party, really.

My Neighbour Is - Illusion of the Revolution

Es-K - Get Together

Ancient Astronauts - Love Alone

Vitamin D - Fire Island In Dub

Liberty Klaud - Dua Dua

Ashkha - Lyrical Satirical

80s Casual - Stewdio 1

DJ Buzzword - Dub Fi Mi Gyal

Jenova 7 - Red Eye Youth

Es-K - Sundaze

Emapea - On the Run

Bar F6 - White Flag

SkySplitterInk - Self Lord

Zac Love - The Rising Tide

My Neighbour Is - Palm On Your Head

Emapea - Wicked Sound

DJ Buzzword - Deep Beat