Track List

Intro: Ox 9000


Almighty Jose Feat. Karniege

The Man Of Steel

I Don't Care Feat. Cappadonna

2090 (So Grimmy) Feat. Double A.B.



The Cannon Of Samus Feat. Kenyattah Black

Dark Matter (Kali) Feat. Space (15)

Merry Go Round (Cirque Du Freak)

Thor's Hammer Feat. Raekwon, Vordul Mega

Spy Vs Spy

The Verdict Feat. Guilty Simpson

Battle Of The Planets Feat. Genesis (7)

Vast Aire - OX 2010: A Street Odyssey (2xLP)
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Record Label: Man Bites Dog Records

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In between skate parks and street corners is where you will find the music of Vast Aire. A NYC native whose influences range from Comic Books, Nintendo Games, Japanese Anime and the Metaphysical Sciences. An artist who has been influenced by a variety of music and has affected a new generation of musicians. Cannibal Ox’s “Cold Vein” is considered a modern classic album not just in Hip Hop but in all musical genres. Vast Aire, who was responsible for much of the creation and development of that album, has now made another classic. “Cold Vein” which was released in 2001, is now followed up by “OX 2010: a street odyssey”. The feel is both spacey and epic and explores a new style for Vast Aire called “Simplex” which is simple ideas but explored in a complex manner. Much like the Kubrick masterpiece about the darker side of mankind, Vast Aire explores the darker side of himself. The writing for this record pushes Vast Aire into new territories, with deeper more profound ideas and codes to keep listeners and critics decyphering. It is rare for an artist to follow up to a classic album a decade later. With “OX 2010,” Vast Aire certainly has returned.