Track List

Unicron Attacks

Moon Base 2 - Shuttle Launch

Space Attack


Autobot/Decepticon Battle

Prepare For Extermination

Optimus Prime vs. Megatron

Megatron Departs

I Am Unicron

The Coronation

Moon Base 1 Destroyed


Closing In

Crash Landing

Twisted Planet

The Wrong Way

Destroy The Matrix

The Trial

Decepticon Attack

Unicron Transforms

The Matrix

Attack On Unicron


The Fight Continues


Vince DiCola - The Transformers: The Movie (2xLP - 180 Gram Vinyl)
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Record Label: Intrada

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Original soundtrack from initial big-screen animated treatment of The Transformers, a potpourri of numerous iconic battling robot characters spawned from Hasbro television mini-series that became wildly popular in subsequent syndication. Cars, trucks, toy dinosaurs, you name it became behemoths of warring destruction.

Vince DiCola, fresh off a dynamic score for Rocky IV, brings sizzling modern up-tempo sensibilities to his electronic score for Transformers, melds driving energy with striking fully-composed quasi-orchestral themes, motifs. Exciting compositions result, with plethora of rhythms infused with composer's unique harmonic vernacular on display. DiCola, who gets start as session keyboardist, then moves into scoring with Staying Alive, sequel to Saturday Night Fever, connects well with with director Sylvester Stallone, lands mega-hit Rocky IV and captures attention of TV producers transforming Hasbro's small-screen robots into big-screen monoliths.

Now for 2016, Intrada premieres their complete 2013 version in a special 2-LP set on premium 180 gram vinyl, including deluxe UV-coated full-color gatefold jacket with artwork title on spine, contained in heavy polywrap bag. Vince DiCola composes, performs.