Track List

King Of The Beach

Super Soaker


When Will You Come

Post Acid

Take On The World

Baseball Cards

Convertible Balloon

Green Eyes

Mickey Mouse

Linus Spacehead

Baby Say Goodbye

WAVVES - King of the Beach (LP)
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Record Label: Fat Possum

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King of the Beach, the new Wavves album is an adventurous and ambitious record. It cuts deeper into the bleeding throat catharsis and ’60s sunshine soul that Wavves is known for. It also unexpectedly flips out with elements of primitive electronics and psychedelic studio experimentation.

Unlike Wavves’ previously released material, recorded in haphazard bursts on Williams’ laptop, King of the Beach was toiled over for three months at Sweet Tea Recording, a world-renowned studio in Oxford, Mississippi. Sweet Tea is also the home of Dennis Herring, producer of the last two Modest Mouse albums, and the man who dismantled and re-assembled the sound on this record.