Captured Tracks

Wild Nothing - Gemini (LP - Translucent Purple Vinyl)


Captured Tracks Tenth Anniversary Edition. Pressed on Translucent Purple Vinyl, Limited to 500 Copies.

Songwriter Jack Tatum makes music as Wild Nothing and sounds about as removed from his home of Blacksburg, Va., as one could imagine. Like a blend of Cocteau Twins and Atlas Sound, the songs on his breakthrough full-length debut, Gemini, are willowy and ethereal, but tethered to a sturdy and sinewy backbone. “Chinatown” waltzes through a timeless, misty tableaux of wispy vocals and plucky guitars, with a wonderfully faint verse/chorus/verse skeleton, while tracks like the fantastically sticky “Summer Holiday” and “Our Composition Book” have a jangly melancholy the evokes Johnny Marr and The Smiths. Tatum uses his charmingly imperfect falsetto on “Confirmation,” darting in and out of hazy keyboards and shyly bubbling guitar and bass lines. His voice takes on a darker, flatter intonation on songs like the murky “Pessimist” and the bittersweet “Live in Dreams.”

Gemini is a beautiful, aural space that’s perfect for getting lost in.

Live in Dreams

Summer Holiday



O Lilac

Bored Games


My Angel Lonely

The Witching Hour


Our Composition Book