Track List

Information Age

100% Publishing

Numbers In Action

Boom Boom Da Na

Your Intuition

I Just Woke Up

Wise Man And His Words

Talk About Life

Yonge Street (1,178 Miles Long)

Pink Lady

Up There

One Hit Wonder

To Be Continued...

Wiley - 100% Publishing (2xLP + Download Card)
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Record Label: Big Dada

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Wiley is the Lord Byron of rap. It's so obvious I'm not even going to explain it. Arguably one of the most important British musicians of the last ten years or more, this mass of every contradiction the human race can muster is also a stone-cold genius, albeit one who occasionally seems a trifle unhinged. Now the latest switchback move in a career defined by switchback moves is his return to Big Dada with his latest and arguably finest album. 100% Publishing, one hundred per cent written, produced, vocalled and recorded by Richard Cowie, the shadowy figure behind the Wiley persona.