Track List

Birds N Bars

Bring Them All / Holy Grime Feat. Devlin

Name Brand Feat. Jme, Frisco & J2K


Back With A Banger

Joe Bloggs Feat. Newham Generals & President T

Pattern Up Properly Feat. Flowdan & Jamakabi

Can't Go Wrong

Bang Feat Ghetts

U Were Always Pt.2 Feat Skepta &Belly

On This Feat. Ice Kid & Chip & Little D

Bait Face Feat. Scratchy

My Direction

Like It Or Not Feat. Breeze


Laptop Feat. Manga

P Money Remix Feat. P Money (Bonus)

Wiley - Godfather (CD)
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Record Label: Wiley

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Fourteen years after debuting with the classic white label ‘Eskimo’ the legendary grime figurehead Wiley is set to reaffirm his status as the pioneer of the genre with the release of ‘Godfather’.

Wiley has carved his own niche through a career that has moved from influential underground tracks such as ‘Ice Rink’, ‘Wot Do You Call It?’ and ‘Pies’ through to massive crossover hits including ‘Wearing My Rolex’, ‘Heatwave’ and ‘Can You Hear Me? (Ayayay)’.

As a founding father of grime, Wiley’s mission statement with the ‘Godfather’ album is to deliver the genre’s defining masterpiece at a time when it’s bigger than ever before.