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Woolymammoth - Filling Spots (CD)

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Los Angeles transplant Woolymammoth has signed with Alpha Pup Records this year for the release of his debut full-length album Filling Spots. Scheduled to release this March across vinyl, CD, and digital formats, the fifteen track LP follows up a handful of singles and EPs since 2016. His music finds a bridge between experimental electronic and hip-hop, splicing together minimal rhythm schemes, raw analog samples, dynamic synth / processing work, and much more.

Woolymammoth's origins in San Francisco and the new community he has helped breed in Los Angeles find union in his craft, encapsulating a wide spectrum of subdued and explosive moments. The totality of Filling Spots contains this immersive affect, blending as one statement from track to track and giving the listener a journey that is constantly shifting. His bass-centric experiments churn and convulse under the surface, pulling you into a full-body listen. Avant-garde abstractions bubble beside strange, raw Eurorack samples, throwing tracks off balance again and again. “Mouthbreather” is disturbingly catchy and “Shadeslove” swims in a hypnotic stew of sounds. “Mustard (feat. Yokaze)” snaps into a quick-rolling mind melt, while “Riskybidness (feat. Tsuruda)” slips chaos between its beats. “Nofknway [124]UMTME (feat. Bleep Bloop)” bolts off in a blur of upbeats and pummels the brain into a sonic black hole.

Touring for the young producer has seen rapid development, performing at some of the worlds premiere experimental festivals and venues before the age of 21. Filling Spots is a summarization of this path and the many states of evolution Woolymammoth has gone through as a musician. Writing and recording for the new album was captured in part on the road, with the other portions sourced at his home studio in L.A. Working with a Eurorack modular system owner and Tsuruda's roommate Zach Countryman, Woolymammoth pulled from various oscillator modules within the instrument to build a world of sound all his own.

Features over Filling Spots include Liquid Amber recording artist Bleep Bloop, Renraku's Yokaze, and Courteous Family's Tsuruda, Cast, and Legoon. Ahead of the release, close friend and creative luminary Huxley Anne premiered the Yokaze feature track "Mustard" on her recent XLR8R podcast. Along with recent gigs performing with Bleep Bloop in North America, Woolymammoth is announcing more tour dates upon the release of Filling Spots in March, including a back to back set with EPROM and more dates with Bleep Bloop.

Discovering Inspiration/Release (feat. Cast)





Riddim Fix (feat. Yokaze)

Filling Spots

Mouthbreather Returns/Interlude



What's Next..?

Mustard (feat. Yokaze)

Riskybidness (feat. Tsuruda)

Nofknway [124]UMTME (feat. Bleep Bloop)

The Comeback (feat. Legoon)